Legal ways of playing old games that aren’t for sale any longer

There are a few old games that I want to play again (mostly Earthbound for the SNES), however I am finding it REALLY hard to get hold of a copy for a good price, as well as the requirement of purchasing a SNES to play it on…

I’d absolutely love to support the game, but the only realistic scenario I can find is having to use an emulator and rom (illegally), something I want to avoid.

I understand it will be different depending on the game and platform, I am just curious if there any moral and legal options of playing these little gems again?


Basically, if it’s not on something like WiiWare, Playstation Network, or Good Old Games, or re-released ala many of the Nintendo era Final Fantasy games, then you’re going to have trouble finding copies and the equipment needed to play them. The fact that certain games are simply nearly impossible to purchase anymore is often the excuse for abandonware or ROM sites. It is worth pointing out that if you buy a copy on ebay for $100, the company that owns the game won’t actually see any of that money. Whether this goes against your moral compass is up to you.

That said, legally, it’d be against the law if you download a game, even if it’s not being sold anywhere. Fortunately, more companies are joining the bandwagon of releasing older games for new audiences, so it’s become easier to find old games for sale legally.

Source : Link , Question Author : theorise , Answer Author : thedaian

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