Logitech G13 changes LCD automatically, can it change the profile automatically, too?

I am currently using a Logitech G13 to play Star Trek Online. Without any action on my part, the G13 seems to be aware of whether I am playing on a surface map or a space map. On surface maps, I get a health bar and a shield bar; in space, it shows a hull bar, plus four separate shield bars – one for each facing.

I use two different control sets (selected with the long, thin buttons under the LCD), each with different keymappings. The device appears to know which environment I’m playing in, because it changes the LCD. Is there a way to make it change the control set to match?


The G13 doesn’t actually know what environment you’re in. The LCD content is not generated by the G13.

The game panel is simply outputting a bitmap provided to it by the game. What you are interpreting as the device switching modes is simply the game drawing a dramatically different picture to the G13’s screen. The G13 remains unaware that a gameplay change has happened.

Source : Link , Question Author : T.J.L. , Answer Author : T.J.L.

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