Mastery Page “Temporary Changes”

I thought of a situation that I’m not clear of for the mastery pages in League of Legends.

I have multiple mastery pages, for different types of champs (one for tanks, one for mages, one for support, etc. etc.).

But what I’ve noticed is depending on which champion I use of a certain type (one mage vs. another, etc) I may use different summoner spells, which means I occasionally might want to swap 1 mastery point in favor of a mastery supporting my summoner skill(s). It doesn’t seem worth having a whole separate page based on each setup of summoner skills, especially since I then have to remember which one is “Mastery Page 4”, for instance.

You can edit your mastery pages once you’re at the champion select screen, however. But in most cases I don’t want to make permanent changes and save them, because I prefer the original page. Is there a way to change your mastery page for the CURRENT MATCH, such that it resets to the original on subsequent matches?


Currently the Answer is NO.

Once you click on “Save and Use” the masteries are saved to mastery page number X (Where X = 1-10).

I completely understand what you mean with using different summoner spells on the same champion role, so what I created was, different mastery pages for the same role each with a different combination of summoner spells, so for instance my mastery pages looks like:

enter image description here

The one last mastery page is left as a Configurable one during champion selection, so if someone else on my team has clairvoyance and I am playing a support champ, I can get instead of C.V flash or heal.

10 Mastery pages should be enough to customize your preferences.


especially since I then have to remember which one is “Mastery Page 4”

You can change the mastery page name by simply clicking the default name and when done hitting ENTER.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tux , Answer Author : camiloqp

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