Maximum number of skill points you can have in Torchlight 2?

In Torchlight 2, you can get skill points from level and fame. I am not sure if there are any other means to get skill points.

What is the total of number of skill points you can obtain from the various sources?


The level cap is 100 and the fame cap is 33. You get 100 skill points from the levelling process and another 33 from levelling up your fame level so I expect the maximum number of skill points available is 133 assuming there are no quests which grant skill points directly and no other mitigating circumstance.

It is worth noting that it takes 100 skill points to completely fill out one tree, so at maximum level you will be able to fill out around one and a half skill trees.

Furthermore, there was a calculator for Torchlight II (link removed as calculator no longer exists at that site), which performs the same actions as you’d expect from a skill calculator and lets you work out your character build without committing any changes in game.

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Source : Link , Question Author : Extrakun , Answer Author : Ash

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