Minecraft, without the death?

I think Minecraft is fun for its progression.

First you start with a plain world that you sculpt, mine and craft to your choosing or (with mods for example) you start with a system that’s small, tedious, or inefficient that you upgrade to be large scale and fast. It’s this “building up” that I like about Minecraft.

However, what’s been getting in the way for me from having this fun is simply: Death. Death in Minecraft is unforgiving. To me, preventing death feels like a requirement and isn’t something I really enjoy doing. I don’t really like having to dodge lava or stay inside at night or ensure total torch lighting in my house.

How can I play in survival mode but make it such that things don’t hurt? I’m hoping somebody could suggest a way/mod for me that simply takes away damage without getting in the way.

Minecraft is a sandbox game, and I should be able to define the experience–this is a theme that underpins the entire Minecraft community, from pvp minigame servers to complex mods. I’m hoping we can avoid discussion on how the game “should be” played.

Some ideas that were suggested to me are the following, as well as explanations on why they aren’t really what I’m looking for:

  • Creative mode adds flying, items on demand from the GUI, and other things I perceive as game-breaking. Most of the content is designed under the assumption that you’re playing on surival mode.
  • Invincible (or near it) suits of armor would feel a bit too cheated in, violate my idea of step-by-step progress, and prevent me from wearing armor I craft myself.
  • Removing all the mobs would take away drops I may need for crafting (e.g. Ender Pearls).



It is not yet updated to the latest version of Minecraft (currently still on 1.6.2) but Single Player Commands basically takes a lot of cheaty commands and adds them in single-player mode.

If you install this, use the command /health infinite

You now get ‘hit’ as normal, can be killed by insta-death effects like falling into the Void, but otherwise have infinite HP.

For 1.7.9 there is MrChris’ GodMode mode which does much the same thing.

Source : Link , Question Author : t-mart , Answer Author : guildsbounty

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