Multiple wins with different races, but only 1 “Win of day”

I’d like to unlock ranked games for free on a new account, so I need 10 “Win of day”.

The in-game text suggests that you can win multiple “Win of day” (one with each race). I’ve won multiple games (1 unranked, then multiple “Versus A.I.” with a different race) but I have only 1 “Win of day”.

Is it a bug or are there additional conditions that I should know?

P.S. : I know there may be a minimum length for the game to count (2 min 30) but I was over this.


According to this post on reddit, it only conuts one win per day for the ranked unlock, so you have to wait at least 10 days.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tristan , Answer Author : Dulkan

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