My Blizzard downloader is stuck

So I decided to pre-download Diablo 3 for the release date. My downloader is at 100% and has been for some time. Any idea’s on how to unstick it? I tried running the now-complete installer.exe that was downloaded and it’s telling me I cannot due to it being in use by another program (likely the downloader).

I’m aware that closing the downloader and then reloading it to resume where it left off and finish whatever last second stuff it has to do is an option, but since its ‘stuck’ I’m worried something might go wrong.

Any ideas on a fix?


The Blizzard Launcher frequently gets stuck. It will either think it needs updating and never find anything or it will think it is done updating and still need more. Usually this has something to do with agent.exe not initializing properly.

To fix:

  • Open your favorite flavor process manager (Crtl+Shift+Esc on Windows)
  • Look for agent.exe (or agent.exe * 32 on 64-bit)
  • End the agent.exe process.

agent.exe will then restart itself and the Launcher will come to its senses.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ender , Answer Author : Community

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