My cat jumped in a hole. What do I do?

I am in Sokoban, and I brought my cat with me. That was probably a bad idea, since it just found the nearest pit and immediately decided to go skydiving!

Now I can’t push boulders into the hole because it will hurt the cat. I’ve waited (with the . command) for a few turns, but the cat climbed out of the hole directly into the next one….

What should I do to a.) Get the cat out of the hole(s), and b.) Stop it from going into more holes? I don’t have a magic whistle or a leash.


Go to the down staircase. Wait until your cat is on the square next to you and go down. Then wait until it is not next to you and go back up (so it doesn’t follow).

Leave your cat behind whilst you finish Sokoban. It’s not worth the hassle: as well as falling into pits, they can get stuck behind critical boulders.

If you think you’re taking too long to finish, come back and feed your pet to stop it going feral, or let it come up a level after you’ve finished that level, so it stays always one level behind.

Source : Link , Question Author : Doorknob , Answer Author : starsplusplus

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