My cocaine refinery can’t produce output because my storage is always full of weed. What should I do?

Once I get a hydroponic plant or a hash ranch, I have a really hard time producing any other type of drug since my storage gets spammed with weed. Is there anything I can do about it besides only using growboxes? Can you disable or sell facilities somehow?

Screenshot of the Problem


You cannot. At a certain point you simply become unable to buy supplies to make any more drugs because your storage rooms are full. Buying more storage rooms will only slightly slow down the inevitable.

There are four types of drugs, but also multiple rooms that are beefed up versions of previous rooms. From my playthroughs basically you want the same number of producers for every drug or one will pile up quickly and make progression impossible. I imagine that is how every single playthrough will end no matter what you do, but if you keep your production the same (ie. one of every of the lowest level buildings) you will be in a far better shape.

Source : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : Jonathon

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