My neighbour is rich. I want in on that

I noticed that my dear neighbourino has a considerable amount of cash just laying around.

Is there any way I can relieve him of it? Or is that money frozen in his Swiss bank account, for his heir to inherit? What if his heir is unlanded?

He is an Emir, under a Sultan liege, and only has one holding left.

I, as a Catholic King, have a holy war casus belli on him. I can also straight up usurp his Emirate, as I own 100% of the de jure territory – this will give me a de jure claim CB.

I also own 95% of the de jure territory in the Sultanate, so I can also usurp that title, thus making the good Emir independent. Not sure if it is useful, other than voiding the truce I have with the Sultan.


First, usurp his liege’s title. This will cause him to become independent and, more importantly, gives you a de jure claim on his county.

Press the de jure claim. You need to do this instead of holy warring because holy war will only take his title (and he’ll move to another court).

When you win, you’ll vassalise him. Revoke his title. Hopefully, since he hates you, he’ll refuse. This will allow you to imprison him without tyranny.

Once he’s imprisoned and his title has been revoked, banish him. You’ll get all his money.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nix , Answer Author : Studoku

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