My wife doesn’t want to live with me anymore

I married Aela and built a house where we lived for a long time. I have the tendency of taking my wife as a follower on quests. However, one time after I dismissed her she returned to Jorrvaskr and I don’t have the ability to tell her to go to my house. I tried telling her to go to Breezehome and Hjerimm, to which she agreed but remained at Jorrvaskr. That being said, traveling to Whiterun and taking her as a follower from there is fine and all but after she left I had to give my two daughters daggers so that they can kill wolves that attack my house and that’s just awful parenting.

She is my first wife, so it’s not the same bug I’ve seen other people have where their first wife dies and they remarry but their new wife refuses to go to their house. I married and lived with her at Lakeview a long time ago so I don’t have a save from before this bug happened. Also, it’s not a modded version of the game. Is there a way I can fix this because it’s really ruining the RP in RPG for me?


I finally managed to fix it. Well, I guess “fix” is the word.
What I did was tell her to go to the house and then followed her on foot the whole way there. A slow method, indeed, but she is staying at the house for now.

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