My xbox 360 does not keep my netflix account login information

Some steps I’ve taken:

  • Opened up port 443 on my router for my 360.
  • Deleted the Netflix app, then clear my Xbox system cache.
  • Some people have suggested that my Xbox could be associated with a different Netflix account, however, the last time I tried to make an account, I was not able to complete it because I did not have a credit card, thus I was unable to access the service. Even further, when I log into the old account on my PC, it gives me no information about any devices being associated with that account, plus my wife and I deleted absolutely every trace that we could of Netflix from the Xbox.
  • I have also gone into the developer/settings mode in the netflix application, and telling it to forget my credentials has had no effect on my next login.

We are able to log into the new account, but if we exit and start the application up again, we have to put in our login credentials again. My wife has an older Xbox that we were debating on trying to use, just in case it actually did end up that my Xbox is retaining some sort of information or Netflix associated the account with my Xbox and for some reason cannot disassociate it. When we tried logging in through this xbox, we faced the same problem.

Has anyone else ran into this problem (it’s littered all over the internet with no real solution), and fixed it?

I had been on the phone with a Netflix support person for an hour trying most of the above steps, with no success, so they directed me to the xbox support. They had me do the same steps, and when it failed, they directed me back to the Netflix people. They had suggested that some of the netflix servers were having issues, but I don’t think this is the issue for a few reasons:

  1. When I do put my credentials in, it logs me in first time with no issue.
  2. The only real problem is that Netflix isn’t remembering my email/password, which should be part of the application logic, and is unlikely an issue networking.

In the remote chance that it has anything to do with the Netflix network, I’m in Ontario, Canada, and it must be something where after a successful login, the server is supposed to send the application a message like “everything is okay, you should store the users email/password,” and for some reason, that message doesn’t get passed or processed properly, and since this problem seems to be very infrequent among other users, I have to assume it’s an issue with a server, even though it shouldn’t be.

To any Netflix XBox 360 application developers: The application shouldn’t wait for validation before saving credentials! It should be within the users own intelligence to be able to save the appropriate email/password information. It’s not good support to have this on-going problem for months.

To people having the same issue, please leave relevant information such as your ISP and general location (city/region/country), as we might be able to collectively solve this issue. I am from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and my ISP is EyeSurf.

Update/Found the problem, not the solution: So, I finally got around to checking out the Netflix log, and I noticed this error:

SLPlayer|SilverlightNccpErrorHandler|Warning|Nccp AuthenticationRenewal transaction failure, new credentials requested, Code: 3037, Description: XUID is not associated with any customer

I did a google search for this error code and message, and only found one relevant post where the user is still stuck in the situation I am.

Update May 29, 2013

There was a Netflix update about a week or so ago, and since that update, my credentials have saved to my xbox live account for the first time, and have remained so for my last 5 logins so far. I think it’s safe to say it’s a fix. Has anyone else with this issue also found some resolution in the last update?


Open Netflix

Go to where you see the movies.

With the D-Pad, type in the following code

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up

If you did that correctly, a new menu should pop up.

From there, you can resign in and it should keep your log-on.


Source : Link , Question Author : OzBarry , Answer Author : Cody Morton

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