Myst: Masterpiece Edition VS realMyst

Hi guys since this weekend I can get those games with a discount (only 3 bucks each!) I’m going to buy one of them.

Now, I’m new to the Myst saga. What significant differences are there between realMyst and Myst Masterpiece Edition?


The main difference between the two games is that Myst and Myst: Masterpiece Edition are 2D games, while realMyst and realMyst Masterpiece Edition are 3D games. All version tell the same story, except that the realMyst games have the Rime age not found in the 2D games.

In the 2D versions of Myst, you can only go to certain locations and turn to fixed viewpoints. In the 3D version of Myst, you can explore anywhere.

The main difference between Myst and Myst: Masterpiece Edition is that the former uses an 8-bit color palette, while the latter uses a 24-bit color palette. This is a noticeable difference if you play the two games.

The main difference between realMyst and realMyst: Masterpiece Edition is that the latter uses redone textures of a much higher quality as well as running in a higher screen resolution.

On a side note: Myst’s first sequel, Riven, is a 2D-only game. It’s also considerably larger and more difficult than the original Myst.

Note: There are 4 more Myst games after Riven. They are:

  • Myst III: Exile – A person who has a grudge against Atrus steals his latest linking book to what is Atrus’s new home. You need to get it back.
  • Myst IV: Revelation – Atrus’s daughter is missing, you need to find her. Also reintroduces Atrus’s sons from the first game.
  • Myst V: End of Ages – The final game in the main storyline.
  • URU: Ages Beyond Myst – Not in the normal Myst storyline and uses a different game engine. It was developed as an online game, but also has offline components. The online component was discontinued for a while, but appears to be back now.

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