Naturally spawned Zombie Village?

I created a new world recently, and went exploring in Spectator mode to find a suitable spot to set up camp. As I was zooming about, on the very first day, not 200 blocks from spawn and only 2 minutes of exploration, I spotted a village. Upon investigation, I found that the entire village was actually Zombie Villagers.

I figured this was weird, (though obviously a thing in-game, since… well… there it was), but after a little researching, I couldn’t find anything about this phenomenon.

What are the chances of this actually happening?


From the Minecraft Wiki article on villages:

“2% of villages will generate as zombie villages. In such villages, all generated villagers are instead zombie villagers, and all doors and torches are missing. […]”

There’s also a chance for a village to be attacked by a zombie siege as explained in another answer, but that can only occur at midnight, and since it’s your first day in the world that’s not possible.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ben , Answer Author : TheLethalCarrot

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