New phone number but still have the steam mobile app logged in?

I got a new line (and #) and did not update it with steam app prior to doing so. Im still logged in and can use my authenticator when it requests it. What can I do to update my number seeing that I don’t have access to the phone number attached to my steam account? Its been a while since I got the new # and I have never gotten around to changing it, and I don’t know who owns my old #.


You can easily do this by going here if you have access to your phone number, which you don’t but, if you start the process, there’s a certain step where you can choose something like “I can’t confirm the phone number” and you can go on following that path.

I’m not sure about it as I never did it but you will probably have to contact Steam support (good luck with that).

Source : Link , Question Author : Dave huff , Answer Author : sysfiend

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