Once I replace a party member, can I ever get him back?

Playing Baldur’s Gate 1 in BGT

When I meet a new NPC and he asks me or I ask him to join the party, if my party is full, I can remove one of the previous members. But while some stay wherever I left them, others just leave out of the screen (Khalid for example), is there a way to get them back later on, if I want to, or is the NPC gone forever ?

It is kind of strange, since you can’t event see the new guy’s stats before making your decision.


This is coming entirely from my memory, so please forgive me for any mistakes:

Most party members will stay where you put them (or if you say ‘No’ to them when they want to join). There are a number of exceptions though:

  • If you remove Kivan, he stays gone for good.
  • If you remove Shar-Teel, she stays gone for good.
  • If you say ‘No’ to Jaheira and Khalid the first time, you can never get them again.
  • Furthermore, if you kick out one of them, the other goes as well.
  • If you say ‘No’ to Edwin with Dynaheir in your party, you can never get him again.
  • If you say ‘No’ to Viconia the first time, you can never get her again.
  • The same goes for Branwen and Yeslick
  • If you make Xan leave by being rude, he’s also gone forever.

Basically, whenever a party member leaves beacuse of arguments or disagreements they are gone for good.

Source : Link , Question Author : azera , Answer Author : Edwin de Koning

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