Where does Jenkins store config files for “Views”?

I have removed some Jenkins views that listed jobs in categories for me. I keep backup of Jenkins filesystem and I now want to restore these views. Where are the configurations files for Jenkins views stored on filesystem? Answer The views are stored in the main config.xml file (JENKINS_HOME or jenkins user home directory). For … Read more

How to configure atom-beautify package to format with babel/jsx javascript files?

I searched for a package to auto-indent and beautify my React/babel code. I just tried atom-beautify which seems to have good feeback on Atom. But the result on an usual babel file is not good enough: “HTML tag” doesn’t indent as wanted. Has anyone tried to use atom-beautify with babel? Answer I currently use the … Read more

How to use @JsonIdentityInfo with circular references?

I am trying to use the @JsonIdentityInfo from Jackson 2 as described here. For testing purposes I created the following two classes: public class A { private B b; // constructor(s) and getter/setter omitted } public class B { private A a; // see above } Of course, the naive approach failes: @Test public void … Read more

Method reference in Java 8

public class Car { private int maxSpeed; public Car(int maxSpeed) { this.maxSpeed = maxSpeed; } public int getMaxSpeed() { return maxSpeed; } } We can sort a list of cars by, Car carX = new Car(155); Car carY = new Car(140); List<Car> cars = new ArrayList<>(); cars.add(carX); cars.add(carY); cars.sort(Comparator.comparing(Car::getMaxSpeed)); If we see the signature of … Read more

Is it possible to dynamically change global stylesheets in Angular 2?

Is it possible to dynamically change global stylesheets? EDIT: The purpose is to allow the user to pick the styles he prefers. In Angular 1, I was able to wrap a controller around the head tag and use bindings in there. Example below (simplified code): index.html <!DOCTYPE html> <html ng-app=”app” ng-controller=”AppController”> <head> <title>Title</title> <link rel=”stylesheet” … Read more