How can I reach Whimsyshire, the secret level in Diablo III?

There’s information that there’s a secret level in Diablo III, similar to Diablo II’s “Secret Cow Level”. How can I reach that secret area in Diablo III? Answer According to sources on the Blizzard forum, the secret level is called Whimsyshire: Whimsyshire is essentially a single-level dungeon, much like the dungeons you find randomly while … Read more

How do GameShark codes work?

This has always boggled me. Obviously GameShark and Game Genie never got inside access to place their own cheats into every game. I don’t think any developers gave them the source code to pour over for codes. And I don’t think the original development process for these games included placing any of these codes themselves. … Read more

Why is 3333360 the maximum score in Pac-Man?

According to the Wikipedia page for Pac-Man, the highest possible score is 3333360 points. It’s called a perfect game and it was achieved by 3 different people already. What I want to know is: WHY is it exactly 3333360 points? It must be a technical limitation, but this number makes no sense in my opinion. … Read more

How can I kill adorable animals?

With version 1.0.4 of Terraria came fluffy little bunnies hopping in my fields and happy little goldfish swimming in my lakes, grateful for the sanctuary my base provides them against the horrors of the wider world. So, naturally, I’m trying to kill them. Not because I expect it to be useful, just because the idea … Read more