Part of my house is inexplicably gone

I have been doing a new survival world, and I was out on a completely different island exploring, but when I came back to my house, I was greeted by this.enter image description here

My first thought was creepers, but I then realized that only my dark wood blocks disappeared and nothing else. All of my windows were intact, and so were my anvil, crafting table, and all of my chests. Then I thought an enderman stole blocks, but just look at how many blocks are missing.

What happened here, and why have only the dark oak blocks disappeared?


Your house probably got struck by lightning.

Even though it is unlikely, it seems to be the only possible theory left, and makes perfect sense. The house probably started burning from the inside after the lightning struck, and as soon as the roof caught fire and got destroyed, the fire on the walls and floor got extinguished by the rain from the thunderstorm that caused the lightning in the first place.

This explains why only wood got destroyed without glass, chests and the door getting destroyed. The pattern of destroyed blocks could also possibly be created by the fire, since there are remaining blocks scattered around, which is typical of fire to do.

Source : Link , Question Author : Harper Treadway , Answer Author : Quijibo

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