Permanent immobilization in League of Legends by 2 champions

With the introduction of new masteries in Season 6, 45% cooldown is now a thing, and as a guy that likes to have fun in this game I wanted to know if it is possible to immobilize a single enemy champion permanently (as long as they dont use an item like Quicksilver Sash or Cleanse, and as mana lasts). If there is not, is there anything close to this?

Take into consideration that I say immobilize and not stun because it opens up the possibilities to spells like Morgana’s binding and Maokai’s W. I just dont want it to move. Ah, and it needs to be done with 2 champions (For bot lane cheese purposes of course…)

EDIT: It can be any type of chained CC that prevents the enemy from moving at will (charms, snares, fears, stuns, knockups, etc…).


There is only one way to do so, and there might be a small window where the guy can actually move, but these are the optimized CC and best situation :

Rammus + morgana.

Taunt at lvl 5 is 2.25s cc, with 12 s cooldown without cdr, that goes at 6.4 s at 45% reduction. his powerball knocks for like 1s for a 10 s cd, reduced at 5.5s with 45%

There comes morgana, 3second root with a 11s cd, reduced at 6.05 seconds with 45% cd.

So all cc added in a perfectly timed rotation you have 2.25 + 3 + 1 , so 6.25 second crowd control.

it gives you enough time to refresh cooldowns and start the rotation again, and you even got morgana’s ult to make it safer.

ALERT : it will never happen in game. This theory is based on 45% cdr for both players, beeing at least lvl 13, and the opponent having 0 tenacity, and not dying all that time. your synchro also has to be more than perfect.

DISCLAIMER : these are theorical numbers and these should work like that. Unfortunately, some spells are capped and can’t go under a certain CD. I’m not sure if these spells are concerned, but it might be the case. Giving it a try is the best way to know if it will work.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jean Carlos Suárez Marranzini , Answer Author : RiddlerNewComer

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