Playing Ultimate DOOM and DOOM II Coop on Modern Hardware

A friend and I want to work through DOOM I and II on co-op over a coming weekend. What’s the best way to do this on modern hardware? We don’t want graphical improvements and fancy features (except maybe mouse look), we want a classic DOOM experience.

This will be over a local network with a Windows XP and a Windows 7 PC.

Has anyone had experience doing this?


With DOSBox you should have no problem

Here’s a wiki

There you’ll have some source port to play your favorite game 😀


Doom requires a fairly fast computer to run inside DOSBox, but many ports of its source code exist for modern Operating Systems, so you may find more luck downloading one of them instead. Because Doom makes use of your sound card and potentially Modem, you should take care to match your dosbox.conf setting to the settings found in the SETUP.EXE found inside your Doom folder. For the most part the default options will work, but if you are making use of the Gravis Ultra Sound or MIDI audio devices you should pay special attention that the DMA, IRQ and Addresses all match.

Source : Link , Question Author : nstory , Answer Author : Warface

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