Powering a Redstone Lamp on top of a Piston

I am trying to design a street lighting system which is controlled by a light sensor.

What I would like to have is for the redstone lamps to be lowered, flush with the ground, during the day but at night a piston below raises them up from the ground and they switch on.

At first (having had no experience with pistons) I thought this would be easy. I figured if the piston is powered on, then it will transer power to the lamp. Apparently this is not the case. The lamp raises from the ground but it is not switched on.

I can get the lamp to switch on by putting a power source next to it, above ground, of course, but I’d rather this was totally clean, with just the lamp visible.

Is there a way of neatly powering this lamp when it is raised?

I have tried googling, but nobody else seems to have tried this before (or at least not documented it).


In the latest snapshot of 1.8, this has become really easy. Here’s a view of the redstone (the piston is sticky):

enter image description here

Those furnaces have to be something that can not be pushed by a piston, a furnace is the cheapest, but you can also use obsidian.

Top view:

enter image description here

Everything covered up:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Luke , Answer Author : orlp

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