PS4 controller / Dualshock 4 for Mac not working

I read here that the DS4 will work on Mac out-of-the-box by plugging the controller via a micro USB cable—they said it will automatically work as a regular joystick.

I got the DS4 yesterday (controller only, no console) and tested it on my Mac but it doesn’t seem to work. The computer detects the controller but the games I have doesn’t seem to recognize any inputs on the DS4. I tried the controller on Fez, Rayman Origins and Monaco—which all have joystick support—but no luck.

Also tried mapping the controller thru Joystick Mapper, it will say “1 Joystick Connected” but when I try to bind the controller, click “scan” while clicking a button on the controller, nothing.

I’ve read on the manual that comes with the controller titled “Registering (pairing) the controller” that there is a need to pair it on the PS4 console to complete registration. Is this a requirement for the controller to work?

It’s either that is the reason why it’s not working or the DS4 is just not compatible with my games (I think it should be tho, since it’s supposed to work as a regular joystick when plugged thru USB cable).


Okay, so I found out the problem, it is due to an app called USB Overdrive taking precedence over the controls of the DS4 controller. If you’re like me and you happen to also have a gaming mouse (with no driver support from the maker, pffft Roccat Kova[+]) for FPS games, this app is probably installed on your Mac.

On USB Overdrive settings, don’t enable “Any Gaming, Any Application”. This is the culprit.

I tried the controller on Steam’s Big Picture and also Monaco after and it worked.

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