Should I keep caged prisoners?

I’ve captured goblins with caged traps. I’ve already stolen all their stuff like explained here, but now I don’t know what to do with them.

Maybe my Dwarfs are happy seeing caged prisoners, but I’m not sure.

If I have to kill them, how do I do it?


Gladiatorial Games
There are a ton of different options, depending on your sense of fairness and the blood thirstiness of your dwarves, but the basic premise is the same, build a stadium, with a cage connected to a lever in the stadium (or 2+ cages for pitting goblins vs. monsters you’ve captured). Make sure the stadium can be made inaccessible. Pull the lever(s) and let out the creatures.

Some options:

  • Archery gallery so your Marksdwarves can practice their aim. Not very sporting.
  • Leave the Goblin some (or all) of it’s equipment when you put it up against a fearsome foe. Possibly sporting
  • “trap” new Nobles, and make them survive a trial by combat before they’re allowed to govern. This might require a bit more effort (EG a bedroom w/ limitable access in both directions.
  • Danger Course. Make a path lined with traps. If you’re feeling particularly generous, this could even lead outside of your fort.
  • For added variety, make the stadium floodable with Lava, Water or both.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ghislain Leveque , Answer Author : aslum

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