Should I play Portal before Portal 2?

I’ve looked at several videos of Portal 2 and am interested in buying it. The problem is that I’ve never played the original Portal, the first game of the series.

Should I play Portal before playing Portal 2?

  • Will I understand Portal 2’s story more if I play the first game?
  • Are there concepts explained in the first game that aren’t repeated in the second one, which would make me miss some little details?


I think it’s definitely worthwhile playing Portal first. I just started Portal 2 and would probably have been a bit lost without having played Portal first. There is almost no introduction to how the portal-gun and other stuff works in Portal 2 and there are a lot of references to the previous game.

It makes Portal 2 an even better game if you have played Portal.

Source : Link , Question Author : LudoMC , Answer Author : bummzack

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