Should I prioritize CP or moves?

I had a Pidgey, I evolved it and it became a Pidgeotto with 110 CP. Its moves are Wing Attack(12) and Twister(15) (I’m not sure what those numbers mean, but I suppose it’s their damage).

Today I saw another Pidgeotto and caught it. It has 48 CP and its moves are Wing Attack(12) and Aerial Ace(25). How can I decide which of them I should go with?

The first Pidgeotto has way more CP but one of my friends told me that moves have a big impact and the second Pidgeotto has Aerial Ace(25).

Will the second Pidgeotto ever catch up to the first’s CP, and can I ever teach the first Pidgeotto different moves?


Two things to have in mind :

  • You can power-up your pokemon to increase CP. In this case, moves will be more important. The 48 CP Pidgeotto will just need to power-up a little more.
  • With evolution, pokémon can (will) change their moves. So, if you want to evolve your Pidgeotto, their current moves don’t matter. Evolve the 110 CP Pidgeotto; if you don’t like its moves or think you can get better, evolve the second one.

Remember : Look for moves if the pokemon can’t evolve any more, then CP. And the more CP, the better!

Source : Link , Question Author : KorayDD , Answer Author : Jerry

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