Skyrim skill damage cure? [duplicate]

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Why is my archery skill lowered in the skills view?

My archery skill is over 40 but on the skills screen shows up in red at 25. It seems to be damaged somehow but i have no negative effects on my character. Has anyone else noticed a skill debuff like this? If so can it be removed?


For PC Users Only

If this bug occurs :

  1. Press the key for the dev console (this is usually a ~ with a “ ` right below it on the key)

  2. Type exactly as written (in place of x type the bugged skill, and in place of y type the amount of the skill you need to restore to get your original skill level)

    player.modAV x y
  3. Your skill should now be y points ahead of what it was before the bug (it should also be green)

  4. Again, type exactly as written (the - next to the y implies exactly that, type - next to what your y value was)

    player.modAV x -y

Your skill should now be restored to its original value.

****The skill names used in place of x are not necessarily what you see in the skill menu. Check this page for the in game names Also if you can’t remember what your skill should be at use the console code tgm to turn on god mode and run around using the skill until it levels up.

Source : Link , Question Author : Rcs , Answer Author : Community

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