SkyrimSE is Quiet

…too quiet…

This was an issue for me with the original Skyrim, but I was hoping maybe it would be fixed in the Special Edition. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

With Windows’ volume settings at 100% (both for the System and the game itself), it’s far too quiet. Even with all in-game audio settings at max, I have to crank up my speaker volume by quite a bit to hear the game at an acceptable level. This can’t be right, since I don’t notice this with other new games. On top of that, sometimes I forget to turn the speakers down again, resulting in a butt-clenching scare when I play some music or a video after exiting the game.

I’ve already tried to look into it myself, but all I seem to find is a lot of Steam community discussions of “yeah me too, screw you Bethesda you garbage developer”, hence my question here.

So, how can I increase the volume of Skyrim so that I don’t need to change the level of my speakers?


Try the solution here:

In the Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound Menu
select your speakers (Realtek high-definition audio for me) then > Properties > then go to Enhancements tab > and check the Loudness Equalization, then re-launch Skyrim, and check for differences on audio, this helped me

Then, I went to the SRS tab on the sound menu checked to enable SRS technology (this is from Realtek HD audio controller) and selected the game option.

Then the game really sounded really good and noticed I can hear everything just fine and not with max volume.

I hope this helps. Also, I have on the advanced tab the sound set to Studio quality 24 bit, 44000 Hz.

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Source : Link , Question Author : Kaizerwolf , Answer Author : Vemonus

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