So I was out drinking last night…how do I remove a tattoo?

Geralt got into a bit of fun with the Blue Stripes last night. After getting rip-roaringly drunk, the Witcher thought it might be good to see if it was possible to float across the river on the bums of four prostitutes. It wasn’t. The Witcher woke without equipment and a new tattoo on his neck.

The equipment was easy to recover, as Ves had our back, but now Geralt has a nude woman brandishing a sword on his neck. It sorta clashes with the whole “monster slayer” vibe I’m going for. Is there any way to remove it?


Talk to Triss about it. She’ll tell you that she can remove it, with the help of a few ingredients:

  • Green Mold
  • White Myrtle Petals
  • Wolf’s Aloe

White Myrtle is very common, so you probably already have some. Wolf’s Aloe and Green Mold can both be bought from Anezka (the herbalist on the outskirts of town) for 125 orens apiece.

Source : Link , Question Author : Raven Dreamer , Answer Author : sjohnston

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