Spring-boot with spring-mybatis – how to force it to logging all SQL queries

I have a simple spring-boot-mybatis app (keep in mind, please). Mybatis is logging SQL queries only in case of failure (on excepions). Tell me please, how to force it to log all SQL query to console ?

At this moment I am using slf4j logger (automatically configured by spring-boot).
I find this link: http://www.mybatis.org/mybatis-3/logging.html
however I didnt manage to follow it. First of all configuration is shown for log4j, and I am not sure If I correctly understand: Is it sufficient to configure in application.properties ?

Thanks in advance


Spring boot uses logback as default logging provider for Slf4j. Ibatis internal log factory loads the SLF4j as the first choice logger. All you have to do is configure your spring boot logger to publish log messages for ibatis mapper.

Add the below lines in boot application properties.


The second line is where you define the logging entry for ibatis mapper with DEBUG log level. com.spring.ibatis is package and the UserMapper is sample mapper.

The following logs will start to appear in the console and in the spring-boot-logging file. These are the log messages generated from saveUser and findByName method of ApplicationTest class.

2016-12-19 22:07:06.358  INFO 7248 --- [main] com.spring.ibatis.ApplicationTest        : Started ApplicationTest in 3.048 seconds (JVM running for 4.209)
2016-12-19 22:07:06.424 DEBUG 7248 --- [main] com.spring.ibatis.UserMapper.saveUser    : ==>  Preparing: insert into users(name) values(?) 
2016-12-19 22:07:06.444 DEBUG 7248 --- [main] com.spring.ibatis.UserMapper.saveUser    : ==> Parameters: ibatis(String)
2016-12-19 22:07:06.445 DEBUG 7248 --- [main] com.spring.ibatis.UserMapper.saveUser    : <==    Updates: 1
2016-12-19 22:07:06.457 DEBUG 7248 --- [main] com.spring.ibatis.UserMapper.findByName  : ==>  Preparing: select name from users WHERE name=? 
2016-12-19 22:07:06.470 DEBUG 7248 --- [main]  com.spring.ibatis.UserMapper.findByName  : ==> Parameters: ibatis(String)
2016-12-19 22:07:06.504 DEBUG 7248 --- [main]  com.spring.ibatis.UserMapper.findByName  : <==      Total: 1

You can of course configure any choice of logger you want. I can easily add an example for any other logger should you need.

You can find the complete code with Junit test cases at

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