What scripting languages can be used with the HTML5 canvas element?

What scripting languages can be used with the HTML5 canvas element? This question may really come down to “what scripting languages are commonly supported by browsers?” Nearly all of the HTML5 canvas examples/tutorials use JavaScript. Some use processing, but even those fall back to Processing.js to do the rendering. Are there any good alternatives to … Read more

How do you change an HTML radiobutton selection from Javascript?

I need to select an HTML radiobutton (deselecting any previously selected radiobutton) on my form, from within Javascript. How is this accomplished? Answer If you set the “checked” property to true on one radio button, the other button with the same name is automatically unchecked. Thus, document.getElementById(‘buttonX’).checked = true; will cause “buttonY” to be unchecked … Read more

Creating an unordered list with asp.net controls?

I’ve got this web control that I’ve been dynamically adding controls to but now the requirement is to add an ordered list around the controls. To render the controls I add the controls to ControlsCollection protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { var document = XDocument.Load(@”http://localhost:49179/XML/Templatek.xml”); var builder = ObjectFactory.GetInstance<IControlBuilder>(); var controls =builder.BuildControls(document); controls.ToList().ForEach(c => … Read more

jQuery working out wrong height, due to @font-face

I have a problem with jQuery and @font-face. I need to work out the height of a <div>, which works fine, but then there is a small delay for the fonts to load and as soon as they do, the @font-face fonts were actually bigger than the fallback fonts, so the height is smaller than … Read more

Pass the value of a SELECT to a Javascript function via the onchange event?

I have a HTML page that contains a search box containing a number of textboxes. The first part of the search box is a SELECT dropdown list that contains a variety of report types. Each report type requires 1 or more of textboxes to be filled in to filter the query results. My goal is … Read more

How to set height of ListBox to auto

I have a Html ListBox: <select id=”targetField” multiple=”multiple” name=”D1″ style=”width:200px;”> <option>INDIA</option> <option>USA</option> <option>UK</option> <option>AUSTRALIA</option> <option>RUSSIA</option> <option>FRANCE</option> <option>HOLLAND</option> </select> I need to set the height of this to auto i.e I do not want scrollbar to appear. I tried Height:auto; But it is not working in IE. How should I do this? Answer Set the size … Read more

How to force a Java Applet to Load out of Cache

My friend and I are developing a little game and we want to share the development stages with our friends. So I made this little page http://people.scs.carleton.ca/~manders8/game.html Right now it’s one .class file that we’re updating. But for some reason it always loads the old version. I know there’s a way to turn off java … Read more