Which database has the best support for replication

I have a fairly good feel for what MySQL replication can do. I’m wondering what other databases support replication, and how they compare to MySQL and others? Some questions I would have are: Is replication built in, or an add-on/plugin? How does the replication work (high-level)? MySQL provides statement-based replication (and row-based replication in 5.1). … Read more

Is it possible to create a global stored procedure at Sql server level

I created a query that takes a database backup at certain specified location. I want to use it as a stored procedure but this should act as a global stored procedure so that whenever this SP is called. Then database backup is taken. It uses DB_Name() to take database backup of owner database. Is it … Read more

MySQL 5 left join unknown column

I had the below query working in mysql 4.1, but does not in 5.0: SELECT * FROM email e, event_email ee LEFT JOIN member m on m.email=e.email WHERE ee.email_id = e.email_id The error: 1054 (Unknown column ‘e.email’ in ‘on clause’) Answer You can only refer the tables previously joined with the JOIN clause in the … Read more

mysqldump command not working?

I am using mysqldump to take backup of my database, but the command is not working.. the command i am using is mysqldump -u root dbname> ‘c:\backupdatafolder\backup.sql’ i am running this command in MySQL cli but not running,..is there any thing wrong in the command? Answer You are supposed to run that on the command … Read more