How to configure atom-beautify package to format with babel/jsx javascript files?

I searched for a package to auto-indent and beautify my React/babel code. I just tried atom-beautify which seems to have good feeback on Atom. But the result on an usual babel file is not good enough: “HTML tag” doesn’t indent as wanted. Has anyone tried to use atom-beautify with babel? Answer I currently use the … Read more

Ctrl+Click on a function name in Atom editor and jump into it

I’ve been trying to think of a better way to title this question, but unfortunately I have no idea how to explain it. Also I haven’t found this on stack overflow (for the same reason stated above). In Eclipse, I used to Ctrl+Click in the name of a method call (in java). And my cursor … Read more

Beautify js code in atom editor on save according to eslint configuration

I am using Atom as my code editor of choice and am finding it hard to implement functionality to beautify code. I am relying quite heavily on eslint package and just got beautify to clean up my code on save. issue is that once code is beautified it results in some minor eslint errors and … Read more

How to create markdown snippets in atom.

Anyone know how? I am trying this but it doesn’t work: ‘text.html.markdown’: ‘Bash’: ‘prefix’: ‘`B’ ‘body’: ‘“`Bash\n\n“`’ ‘rubyonrails’: ‘prefix’: ‘`r’ ‘body’: ‘“`rubyonrails\n\n($1)“`’ Answer The default scope for Markdown in Atom is .source.gfm, not text.html.markdown. Your snippets would look like: ‘.source.gfm’: ‘Bash’: ‘prefix’: ‘`B’ ‘body’: ‘“`Bash\n\n“`’ ‘rubyonrails’: ‘prefix’: ‘`r’ ‘body’: ‘“`rubyonrails\n\n($1)“`’ AttributionSource : Link , Question … Read more

“CSV file does not exist” for a filename with embedded quotes

I am currently learning Pandas for data analysis and having some issues reading a csv file in Atom editor. When I am running the following code: import pandas as pd df = pd.read_csv(“FBI-CRIME11.csv”) print(df.head()) I get an error message, which ends with OSError: File b’FBI-CRIME11.csv’ does not exist Here is the directory to the file: … Read more