Does creating a nonclustered index on a SQL Server 2005 table prevent selects?

I’d like to create an index on a view I have but I need to make sure the data can still be read while the index is being created. I was reading an article that suggested that when creating a nonclustered index that the data is still readable if you specify the ONLINE=ON option (example … Read more

Designing a conditional database relationship in SQL Server

I have three basic types of entities: People, Businesses, and Assets. Each Asset can be owned by one and only one Person or Business. Each Person and Business can own from 0 to many Assets. What would be the best practice for storing this type of conditional relationship in Microsoft SQL Server? My initial plan … Read more

Visual Studio and SQL Server – correct installation sequence?

I am rebuilding my development machine. This issue is not new to me, but I don’t remember the solution. I started with SQL 2008 Developer, then VS 2008 Pro, then the SQL SP1, then VS SP1. The result is that I cannot open SSIS projects (see the error below). What is the correct order so … Read more

query for backup a database at another location in file system

BACKUP DATABASE <myDataBaseName> TO DISK = ‘C:\PathtoBackup\FileName.bak’ this query is worked for a database which is created in the gui of SQLServer express edition I have attached my database which is physically at D drive(D:\testing.mdf) to SQLServer using GUI in SQlServer Mgmt Studio.After attaching, SSMS displays the database name as “D:\testing.mdf” in Object explorer rather … Read more

How to script VARBINARY to copy it from one DB to another using a script?

I need to generate an SQL insert script to copy data from one SQL Server to another. So with .net, I’m reading the data a given SQL Server table and write this to a new text file which can then be executed in order to insert this data on other databases. One of the columns … Read more