Why isn’t the richtextbox displaying this table properly?

Apparently, the RichTextBox provided by Microsoft doesn’t fully support the RTF specs. For some reason, it won’t permit multi-lined rows, and destroys formatting instead. Forexample, here is the RTF code to generate a table: \par \trowd\trgaph108\trleft36\trqc\trrh280\trpaddl108\trpaddr108\trpaddfl3\trpaddfr3 \cellx2000\cellx4000\cellx6000\cellx6500\cellx8500\cellx9000\cellx11000 \pard\intbl Length of Time until Replayment\cell\cell Flate Fee Percentage\cell\cell Broker and Application Fees\cell\cell Total lien on case\cell\row \trowd\trgaph108\trleft36\trqc\trrh280\trpaddl108\trpaddr108\trpaddfl3\trpaddfr3 … Read more

Fire event on textbox lose focus

I’m trying to call a method as soon as a TextBox on my screen gets ‘un-focused’ if that makes any sense? The user types in a username and as soon as that textbox loses focus I want to fire an event that checks if that username is indeed available. Thanks! Answer There is a Control.Leave … Read more

Show LineNumbers from the RichTextBox in WPF

I found an example, how to show the LineNumbers from a RichTextBox in Windows Forms. http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/38858/Line-Numbers-for-RichText-Control-in-C Have somebody an example for it in WPF? Edit: Does someone have work with AvalonEdit, because he wanted to show LineNumbers in his Programm and can help me by my Problem. Answer I thought just to add a simple … Read more

How to make an ASP.NET TextBox fire it’s onTextChanged event fire in an AJAX UpdatePanel?

I am trying to get an textBox to fire it’s onTextChanged event every time a keystroke is made rather than only firing only when it loses focus. I thought that adding the AsyncPostBackTrigger would do this but it’s still not working. Is what I’m trying to do even possible? The code is below: <%@ Page … Read more

How to show X (Clear) in Chrome INPUT with type NUMBER?

I created an application that uses an input, of type number: <input type=”number” min=”-1000000″ max=”1000000″ step=”0.01″> In IE, this has a little “clear” or [X] on the right side. My users find this very valuable because they enter large numbers in these fields, and often like to clear them out with a click. It turns … Read more