Using Chrome’s cookies in Python-Requests

I’m trying to log in to the website using the cookies I’ve got from my Chrome session. Once I’ve grabbed all the cookie table’s data, using the command SELECT * FROM cookie WHERE host_key LIKE ‘%steam%’ and the column names: PRAGMA table_info(cookie) and sorted through all the data with a list comprehension, I don’t … Read more

steam login using openID in android

Iam new to android development. my project is to make an application using steam public API but i couldn’t figure out how to allow the user to login using steam account. Steam’s web API documentation states that i should use openID, So i searched alot to find an example implementing openID in an andorid app, … Read more

Steam for Linux platform libraries causing Qt application misbehavior

I’m currently having difficulties with a very simple launcher application that’s intended to display a webpage and have some buttons to launch a game. When you click a link inside of the launcher it is intended to simply launch your default webbrowser with the link, rather than accepting and handling navigation requests. However, when launched … Read more

How to get the price of an app in Steam WebAPI?

Is there a possibility to get the price of a game from Steam over the WebAPI? Answer In current days, we have an API call. This means we could use JSON for it: Appid 57690 = Tropico 4 Part of the response: “price_overview”:{ “currency”:”EUR”, “initial”:2999, “final”:2999, “discount_percent”:0 } The Price is looking like you … Read more

Can a game made with pygame be submitted to Steam? [closed]

Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for Stack Overflow. Closed 9 years ago. Improve this question After making games with XNA, I wanted to broaden my horizon by working with python. I know XNA is supposedly easy to distribute; … Read more

How to implement Steam Auth with Firebase?

All I found was this old answer:!topic/firebase-talk/rApG8QQd6t4 Does a fellow SOer know any information or could a Firebase engineer provide a more detailed answer? I am currently trying to authenticate the user with Steam using this library: and then use Firebase custom tokens to get the user in my Firebase auth system. I … Read more