Remove or skip splash screen from Unity Free/Personal game binary for modding

How can I modify a Unity game (Windows) binary to skip the 5-second Unity logo splash screen? I know how to mod game code using dnspy to modify Assembly-CSharp.dll. I’m able to find isShowingSplashScreen but that appears to be irrelevant. I’m at a loss whether I can find the splash screen code in any .dll … Read more

Is it possible to mod a game to use a scripting language like Lua?

So my questions are: Is it possible to mod a game to use a scripting language? How would I go about doing so? I really like Arma 2 but like many games it does not have much in terms of capabilities beyond using server commands in scripts. That makes it pretty limited. Personally I would … Read more

How to calculate height of a thought line over a known spot in 3rd person view?

Assuming a player object with third-person-view is in a 3d room and the center of the screen has a dot – let’s call it “cursorTarget“. All I have is the position of the player, the position 5 meters in front of it – let’s call it “spot” – and (if necessary) the position where the … Read more

Minecraft modding: onLanded and item type/positioning?

My question is about programming Minecraft mods. So i added a block to my Mod. Now I want, that when you drop a sugar on it, that it waits some time and then, if the sugar is still there, it will consume the sugar and spawn an item that i made for my mod. But … Read more

Crusader Kings II. How character`s events with is_triggered_only = yes and weight_multiplier block fire, when they doesn`t exist in on_actions events?

Question in subject. For example: I have the following character event: character_event = { id = 110004 desc = EVTDESC110004 picture = GFX_evt_lunatic min_age = 16 capable_only = yes prisoner = no is_triggered_only = yes trigger = { is_alive = yes NOT = { trait = tyrant } OR = { trait = wroth trait … Read more

Minecraft Modding – How do I use OpenGL stencil functions alongside the game’s GlStateManager?

Note: I am using Minecraft Coder Pack 9.10 for game version 1.8.0 (official release). I am trying to make a multiline text field similar to the game’s original net.minecraft.client.gui.GuiTextField. I have a class extending GuiTextField and overriding almost all of the methods to provide multiline support. I have just about everything working the way it … Read more

Civilization 4: time in own scenario runs up too quickly

In Civilization 4 (Beyond the Sword) I started making a scenario that focuses on the colonization of North America. For added realism, I set the StartYear=1780. Everytime I run the scenario, the time runs up far too quickly–probably because I set Era=ERA_ANCIENT and GameTurn=0–so that after just twenty turns the clock nears present day. I’m … Read more

Minecraft Forge 1.8 Custom Recipe Manager, need help

sorry for asking this question. Some of you will probably find it very easy but I just can’t figure out how to do it. I want to write a custom Recipe Manager. It has to check the recipes. Therefor I create an ArrayList<Item[]> recipes = new ArrayList(); The Item Array store 4 items(3 inputs and … Read more