How to port this NetHack function to Python?

I am trying to write a Python function which returns the same moon phase value as in the game NetHack. This is found in hacklib.c. I have tried to simply copy the corresponding function from the NetHack code but I don’t believe I am getting the correct results. The function which I have written is … Read more

Other than the greatly increased chance of a trice’s hiss attack turning you to stone, what other specific effects does a NEW MOON have?

I often avoid playing established characters during a new moon because it really seems like luck is adversely affected. Monsters seem to be spawned much more rapidly, in greater quantities, stronger, faster, more dangerous, and suspiciously ready to hit me where I’m weakest.(for example, this post was prompted by this event–I had just acquired 18 … Read more

If I found the Quest home level, but haven’t spoken to the leader, does the Quest Artifact count as “generated” when wishing for artifacts?

I’ve been on the Quest home level, but haven’t ventured more than a few steps. I have Magicbane and Vorpal Blade, and have seen no other artifacts in my travels. I’m hoping to add 2 more artifacts with my remaining wishes before going on the quest. Looking at the wiki, I see my chances are … Read more