Tamed dogs and cats won’t leave me alone

I’m playing Minecraft SMP

I’ve tamed a couple dozen wolves and cats, brought them back to my home, bred them, and left them in a kennel. My plan was to position the cats around my house to keep away creepers, and take a couple dogs with me when I go adventuring. The rest have been made to sit.

My problem is that while I’m out and about for an hour or two, out of nowhere my animals will all warp to my position, regardless of how near or far I am from my home where they were told to sit. Having 50 animals warp to your position in a 2×1 mining tunnel is not a good time.

Is there anything I can do to keep my animals from warping to me all the time or am I going to have to do something monstrous?


Kill them. Kill them all.

That is your only solution without a mod I believe

Sadly, I’m being serious. I have same issue. That’s been my only solution so far without modding.

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