Techniques to deal with game ‘addiction’ [closed]

I’m sure it’s happened to all of you that around midnight you realize you’ve been playing for four or five hours more than you had time for tonight and it’s not first time this week. (well maybe not all of you)

My question is how do you get yourself away from games when you know that you don’t have time to play but you still really want to?

I have a few techniques which involve generally hiding the games in my sock drawer, but that means I need to keep my games on an external hard drive. Any other techniques would be useful.


Rather than limit the time you spend on any one gaming session – because there’s always the temptation for “just one more hand”/”just five more minutes”/”just one more level”/etc. – take a decision not to play at all one (or more) day/evening a week.

Do something out of the house – like going to a movie or the theatre – so you’re not tempted. But if that’s not an option just read a book or rent a movie. Invite some friends (or even work colleagues) over.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ritwik Bose , Answer Author : ChrisF

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