Tetra Master: What are the full rules?

Can somebody explain to me the full set of rules for tetra master?

I get that you place the cards in turn, and the arrows correspond to the direction of attack.

I don’t understand the X/P/H you see on the cards.

Any info would help me understand, as I just keep losing my cards 🙁


Simply put the numbers and letters on a card represent the attack value, attack type, and defensive values (physical and magical) of that card.

For example:


1 (Attack value) P (Type – Physical) 2 (Physical defence) 4 (Magical defense)

The card’s type decides which defensive value it attacks when placed. In the above example, Physical cards attack the physical defence of adjacent cards.

M – Magic cards – attack the magical defense

X – Power cards – attack the lowest of the two values.

Cards with A as a stat have a special behaviour.

I refer you to this FAQ found at GameFAQS for a more in depth explanation.

Source : Link , Question Author : ahillier , Answer Author : Jason_c_o

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