The carriage won’t take me even when I’m naked, what do I need to do?

I was at Winterhelm and encumbered. I figured that the carriage had to be quicker so I hired the thing and paid my 20 gold. Guy said hop aboard so I did. The guy then said ok I am ready when you are.

Now there was no option I could see to talk to the guy anymore but there was the E to use carriage. I clicked that and my character got off the cart. Clicked E and it got back on but that was it. Spoke to the guy and nothing obvious.

Then I had the brilliant idea the developers didn’t want you to bypass weight and that if encumbered you were stuck so I save, got buck naked and still nada. So, what do I need to do to get the carriage to actually get me to a destination?


Using a carriage: Talk to the guy, tell him where you want to go, walk to the backside of the carriage, look at the steps, and when the action-thingy pops up, activate it. Your character then will climb on by him/herself and gold is removed and the journey begins.

BUT: It is a fundamental rule in Skyrim that you cannot fast-travel if you are carrying to much weight.

Since travelling on a carriage “beams” you, after a loading screen, to your desired destination, it counts as fast-travelling.
I love it that you got butt-naked ( 😀 ) but if you kept your armor in your inventory, you were still carrying the armor, thus carrying its weight. In order to be able to fast-travel (or use the carriage) you have to drop enough of the stuff in your inventory so you are no longer encumbered (I learned a new word, thank you! )

I have not tried it, but maybe drinking a potion of strength (increases your carrying-capacity for a certain amount, depending on the quality of the potion) and then using the carriage might help. But with the potion I’m just gessing. But if you drop enough weight, the carriage will take you where ever you want to go.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ivan Jones , Answer Author : kotekzot

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