Time Requirement for Meteors?

I started a new world solely for the purpose of spawning and mining a meteorite. I smashed a shadow orb and waited through the whole night and one never fell. I’ve done this twice already and the only reason I wanted to do it on a new world was because if I smash another orb, I’m going to spawn an Eater of Worlds on my other world…

Do I have to wait a set number of days before the meteor will spawn? And if I smash the orb on my first world and the eater kills me, will the meteorite still fall?


Taken from an answer to this question:

During the day which consists of 15
minutes, when a shadow orb has been
smashed that has caused no other
events there is a chance of 1 out of
the 50 on every second that a meteor
can be enabled.

If a meteor has been configured it
will spawn in the middle of the night
which consists of 9 minutes, so it
will spawn 4,5 minutes into the night.
It spawns as follow:

  1. There must be an active player (on a
    server), so that it is aware of the
    Meteor drop.

  2. There should be less than 801 meteor
    tiles, or the Meteor is not eligible
    to spawn.

  3. The meteor will land within 672 blocks
    to each side of the spawn, so that
    it’s close to the player.

  4. A maximum of 100 attempts will be made
    to land the Meteor in a place where it
    is eligible:

    1. It may not land 50 blocks close to the
      borders of the map.

    2. It may not intersect with a Player, a
      NPC or a Chest.

    3. The top most solid block will be

  5. Drops will be stopped, tiles will be
    killed and meteorite tiles will be

So there is no time requirement – if a meteor has been chosen to spawn, it will spawn in the middle of the next night. It seems you’ve just gotten unlucky with your meteors.

All credit for the research goes to Tom Wijsman

Source : Link , Question Author : Daemon , Answer Author : Community

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