Tips on beating Legendary Dragons?

I am currently a level 79 and just when I thought I had completed the game, I came face-to-face with a legendary dragon for the first time and I got knocked around really bad.

What I would like to know is if you guys could provide me with any tips on taking out these pesky dragons.

I would like to know:

1. How to avoid these dragons

2. Tips on taking them out

3. Keeping my horse and follower alive through the assault


Well since you’re asking this type of question, I take it you’re not much of a (hold as much health bottles as possible, and have the best armour type of guy).
I don’t have to tell you that Having higher armour is best against any dragon, but here are a few tips anyway:

  1. How to avoid these dragons- well, normally you could hear dragons in the distance, you could watch the skies and scout out the best ruote in avoiding them. sometimes you’ll be put against them in a battle though, if it isn’t a quest to kill a dragon and have the dragonrend shout, use it. this will force the dragon to land somewhere which gives you some time to run for the hills and try to hide somewhere.

  2. Tips on taking them out- No matter what class you prefer, it really would just depend on what combat skill you have leveled up most, and what weapons you prefer, If a bow might I make a suggestion on using poisons (some mana depleting and alteration potions don’t work on dragons), if you do use the bow and are near something with a roof try sticking near it and coming out to shoot the dragon and hiding inside to keep your health regenerating. Or if you prefer the good ol’ sword then try to get out in the open, somewhere without trees or mountain area, This will force the dragon to land where you can take them out, try getting behind them so you don’t have to get eaten but once you’ve hit a couple of time try walking back a few paces as the legendary dragon have a devastating tail attack. as for mage…well you could try figuring out what breath the dragon uses and using the magic type that’s oppisite to it’s own, so if it’s a fire breather, use frost and cold spells.

  3. Keeping my horse and follower alive through the assault- Well…you know NPC’s. they just love to attack anything they see threatening. All I can say is that unless you see the dragon and made them wait somewere safe to take out the dragon, they’re just going to charge in blaze on’ and get themselves killed most likely. Or you could see if casting a fear spell on them would work, or yet again, other healing or helping spells for the followers. As for your horse, it would have been best to avoid the assault if you could in the first place. horses tend to be weak in-game as you probably noticed yourself…

Just a useful tip: No matter what class you are, or what you think you would need on the road, it’s always good carrying a few arrows, a bow and a sword that you find worthy, try not to let the Kg capacity get to you, if you need a weapon. bring it.

Source : Link , Question Author : David Toh , Answer Author : SiIverTongue

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