Trapped in an ocean Temple in Minecraft?

I’ve found myself in a horror movie. I was exploring an ocean Temple in Minecraft, and to protect myself from Guardians, I barricaded myself in completely. However, they are still inflicting mining fatigue on me through the blocks, and they’re regular enough with it that I can never run out the timer, so I cannot break blocks. I’ve just built myself into a tomb.

The game is on easy mode, so I can’t starve to death. I don’t have any milk to debuff, so I can’t dig myself out. I don’t have any water, so I can’t drown myself. I’m trapped.

At this point, I’d be glad to die and revive back in my village, but I can’t figure out how. Can anybody think of anything?


Mining fatigue only slows your mining down, it doesn’t completely prevent it. So you can for example bind your mining action to a key on your keyboard instead of a mouse button and put a weight on it, then go away for a few minutes while your character slooowly breaks the block.

Source : Link , Question Author : Daniel , Answer Author : Fabian Röling

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