Understanding weapon damage

I have a very limited understanding of D&D concepts. How does weapon damage work in Baldur’s gate?


Baldur’s gate I & II use a modified AD&D 2nd edition, if I’m not mistaken.

The damage itself is expressed in dice, so e.g. 1D6 means you throw one six-sided die and count the sum of it. 2D8 means you throw two eight-sided dice and count the sum of the two dice. The damage gets subtracted from the hitpoints of your enemy.

Armor class (AC) defines the probability of getting hit. The attacker throws a D20 and if the value is lower than your AC you are hit, else the attacker misses. Certain bonuses apply to attacker and defender. You have to pay attention to your THAC0, which tells you what you have to throw to hit an enemy with an AC of 0.

Damage type also matters with certain armors having more or less protection vs certain types or are immune to some types of damage outright. This will normally be listed in the weapon description. Extra armor penalties/bonuses are listed in the character sheet near the bottom, or in the armor’s description if you’re playing in one of the Enhanced Edition games.

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