Using Wirt’s Leg on another difficulty than it was obtained in?

Playing in Nightmare I just picked up Wirt’s Leg for the first time. I must have somehow missed it in Normal, so now I’m wondering: will I miss out on anything if I simply bring it back to Normal and use it there instead of playing all the way to Baal and then using it in Nightmare?

(So I just freed Deckard Cain and am still in Act I of Nightmare difficulty.)


You can retrieve Wirts Leg as many times as you like, and use it as many times as you like, in any difficulty without any reprecussions except ONE.

If you kill the Cow King in the cow level, on any difficulty, you will be unable to open the portal yourself to go to the cow level in that difficulty again. You will however be able to use other player’s portals as normal.

Furthermore, if anyone in your party kills the Cow King while you are in the cow level, you will no longer be able to open the portal to the cow level on that difficulty.

Source : Link , Question Author : oKtosiTe , Answer Author : Lemmings19

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