What actions freeze time?

Some actions freeze time, like opening your inventory, pickpocketing someone, opening your favourites etc.

Recently I was going to talk to someone, and I noticed someone else I hadn’t spoken to, so I spoke to them first. By the time I’d finished, my first target had wondered off. I thought that speaking to someone would also freeze time, but it didn’t, causing me to lose track of someone.

What actions in this game cause time to freeze?


Via drop-test (dropping an item and seeing whether its fall stops), the following actions appear to pause time:

  • opening the Character Menu or any of its submenus (even if you use Quick bindings to bypass the Character Menu)
    • Items / Inventory
    • Magic
    • Skills
    • Map
  • opening any of the tabs of the System menu
    • Journal
    • General Stats
    • System
  • any action which indirectly opens your invenory
    • trading
    • looting
    • pickpocketing
    • but not crafting
  • opening your Favorites

Source : Link , Question Author : Mr Smooth , Answer Author : Ben Blank

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