What actions gain experience for units?

I’d like to try to spread the XP around my group, so that I’m frequently ranking up both my experienced soldiers and my new recruits.

I’m pretty sure that I get XP for killing an alien, but are there other actions I can take during a mission to maximize my XP gain?

For instance, this guy, my newly minted Corporal, Marcel Petit:

enter image description here

He’s got a grand total of 1 kill. He’s just made Corporal though, so that’s 2 ranks in 4 missions with just one kill on record. He’s not been stunning aliens either (this is so early in the game I haven’t researched Arc Throwers yet). I didn’t get him as a quest reward – these four missions are the only ones I’ve played.


These are what grant you XP and how much:

  1. Alien Kill 30/60*
  2. Regular Missions 60/90*
  3. Storyline Missions 120/180*
  4. Zero KIAs 20
  5. Resist Psi Attack 10**
  6. Successful Mindfray 20**
  7. Successful Mind Inspiration 30**
  8. Assist Mind Inspiration 30**
  9. Successful Psi Panic 30**

*Additional XPs earned if the soldier has a rank of Lieutenant or less and kills any of the higher alien ranks (Ethereals, Sectopods, Elite Mutons, Sectoid Commanders, etc.) during the mission.

**Psionic actions.

Your soldiers have different requirements for promotions:

  • Rookie 0
  • Squaddie 90
  • Corporal 300
  • Sergeant 510
  • Lieutenant 745
  • Captain 1100
  • Major 1560
  • Colonel 2150
  • Psionic* 0
  • Specialist 50
  • Operative 120

Source: http://ufopaedia.org/index.php?title=Soldiers_(EU2012)#Earning_XPs

Source : Link , Question Author : agent86 , Answer Author : Mandemon

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