What affects the rush incident rate?

In Fallout Shelter you’re able to rush the product of a resource. According to the game, it is influenced by the luck of the people assigned to the room and whether or not you have recently rushed the room. However, as the incident rate goes down, so do the rewards for rushing. What are the underlying mechanics? I would like to maximize my rush success chances, and the possible payoffs.


There are mainly 3 factors which seems to take effect on the rush accident rate:

  1. The summed amount of stats. For example the Reactor: I have one reactor with 3 People inside it, all have around S:3. It has a higher accident rate than a room with just one Person in it with S:10, but the same accident rate as a Person with S:9. This leads me to the conclusion, that the right stat in sum(!) will take effect on the accident rate.
  2. Beside the correct stat for a room (S:Reactor, P:Water, A:Dinner,…) the L factor takes effect. Just like in the real fallout games too. L will always improve percentage values. In this case I have a room with same needed stats (S:9 for example), one with L:2 one with L:8 (maybe due to more people in it). The room with higher L has a accident rate of 14 as the other room has a accident rate of 19 percent.
  3. The time! If you rush a room too often in a too short range of time, the accident rate will grow. On rooms with a good stuffing (high stats which are needed + luck) your able to rush 1-3 times before it will get to a “critical” accident rate of 30%. After a few collections it’s back to its original accident rate of 10%.

Hopefully this will help you.

Source : Link , Question Author : two bugs , Answer Author : Ionic

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